ODP Sibling Discount and ODP Regional Pool Player Discount

NYSW Board of Directors Approves ODP Program Sibling Discount


At the January 13, 2002 meeting of the Board of Directors for NYSWYSA, the following motions were made and approved for players and families involved in the Olympic Development Program. Before a sibling discount can be verified, all rosters must be turned in and all payments received. Once all are in, the State will identify siblings, verify families eligible for this benefit and credit respective accounts with the appropriate discount. Generally, this process takes place in January (after all indoor pool rosters/registration have been completed) and again in May (after all outdoor pool rosters/registration have been completed).


A.  For parents having more than one child in ODP, a 10% discount on both the indoor and outdoor training fee will be applied to each child.  If one child does not make the outdoor pool then the discount no longer applies; that is, if only one child remains in the program the discount is no longer available.  For example, if two or more siblings are in indoor training, each sibling receives a 10% discount off the indoor training fee ($400 less 10% ($40) = $360 per player).  If one child fails to make the outdoor (or State Pool) pool, there is no other sibling remaining thus, the 10% discount is not valid.  However, if both siblings make the State Pool, then each sibling receives a 10% discount off the outdoor training fee.  NO discounts apply for Region I events (Tournament and Camp).


B.   Players who were selected to their respective age group's East Region ODP player pool last summer (IE. via progressing through to the East Region ODP Call-Back Camp) are eligible to have the following ODP cycle's Indoor Training fee waived. To do so, they must pay the indoor fee up front like all other players for the next indoor training phase. After participating in the Indoor phase of the program, if they are named to the Outdoor Pool (announced in April) they will have the indoor training fee that they initially paid, applied toward their ensuing Outdoor Training fee. They may also have any surplus applied toward the ODP Tournament Fee should they proceed to make the ODP Tournament roster.  There are no refunds, only the ability to apply forward any indoor training fee credit to subsequent program fees.  Players must continue on in the program to be eligible for this credit (IE. if a player drops out of the program at any time they forfeit their eligibility for this credit).