Managing Risk-Please Read!

1)     There is “NO” coverage available to NYS West member clubs that sell/serve alcohol at tournament activities under the general liability policy issued to NYSWYSA.


2)     If alcohol is being sold/served, the club should have this done by an outside entity (i.e. caterers) with the club and NYSWYSA being named as an additional insured under their liquor liability policy.  Minimum liability limits should be $1,000,000.  Certificate evidencing such must be provided.


3)     If fireworks activities are being considered, the firm needs to again provide a certificate of liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000.  The Club and NYSWYSA needs to be named as an Additional Insured under their general liability insurance policy.  There is no liability coverage to NYSWYSA for claims arising out of fireworks.  The underwriter for NYSWYSA is not interested in these liability exposures and has excluded coverage for liquor liability and liability arising from fireworks.

Please take this into consideration when planning after game celebrations this season!**